Buying Your Home – Part 2 – Finding the Right Realtor

Did you know the Realtor is often paid out of the sale proceeds by the Seller? If you have your own Realtor, they will receive their fee out of the sale proceeds, and they will divide the entire commission with the listing Realtor. When there is one Realtor, they will represent the Seller but will also have an obligation to treat you fairly. You will sign some documents acknowledging what duty the Realtor owes you and any aspects about commission will be dealt with in these agreements.

Knowing more about Realtor obligations before you make your offer will serve you well. Take a look here for the best information specific to your Realtor in Nova Scotia. See for more information about your relationship with the Realtor.

Your Realtor is there for you and will work to get you in your home by handling any amendments, help you satisfy your contract conditions and answer any questions about the buying process you may have. Your Realtor will also work with us, the lawyers, to make sure your purchase goes as smoothly as possible.

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