Wills & Estates

It’s a fact of life – you need a will. When planning your estate, the more strategic, professional and comprehensive your legal advice, the more your family will benefit. While estate planning might seem to be a simple process, this area of law can be particularly complicated. We cover the preparation of basic wills, and other services some families need, including advice, planning and administration on trust arrangements, guardianship applications, probate issues, powers of attorney, and many other matters. Our services in this area include:

  • Preparing your last will and testament;
  • Personal directives, commonly known as “living wills”, to plan for incapacity;
  • Effective organization of personal affairs to minimize taxes and preserve wealth;
  • Customized structures to hold certain assets;
  • Gift planning; and
  • Testamentary trusts.

Whether you’re just starting the estate planning process, or want to review and update, we are here to help.

Wills & Estates Team