Buying Your Home – Part 3 – Choosing Your Home

If you find the house you would like, you may need to move quickly when the market is hot, and your Realtor is the best person to help you enter into the contract to buy your home. Most Realtors now recommend a clean agreement on the standard form of Agreement of Purchase and Sale approved by the Nova Scotia Association of Realtors®.

The main clauses you need include financing, inspection, and insurance and of course, lawyer review. There may be additional clauses you should have depending on the property. Where the market is brisk, the cleaner your offer the more likely it will be accepted. If there are competing offers, make sure you include what is necessary in the agreement but do not load up the offer with less essential conditions unless they are important to you. The deal is firm once the condition date has passed. The conditions are “deemed met” unless you notify the Seller in writing that they are not. Timelines are critical once the offer is made.

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