Estate Planning – Part 1 – What is “Estate Planning”?

The term “estate planning” encompasses more than simply writing a Last Will and Testament. A Will is an important aspect of estate planning, but it is only one piece of the puzzle. The act of estate planning is ensuring your affairs are as organized as possible so that on your incapacity or death, your loved ones will be set up as best as possible to tackle the situation.

Depending on how complex your financial and professional situation is, you may require more than just your lawyer. Your accountant, insurance advisor, and financial advisor will also be involved. As tax laws become more confusing and complex, estate planning also becomes more complex. You may think you just need a basic Will, but in reality, your situation could be more complex once your lawyer does a full review of your financial assets.

We have prepared a six-part series for you to learn a bit more about estate planning. Keep your eyes open for the next few weeks to learn about estate planning, and how you leave your loved ones better prepared.

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