Selling Your Home – Part 5 – On the Closing Date

On or before the closing date, your lawyer will send the Buyer’s lawyer the Deed, HST certificate, a Direction regarding the payment of the closing funds in trust, and a Statement of Adjustments describing the amount your lawyer will receive from the Buyer’s lawyer on the closing day, along with any other documentation requested by the Buyers on the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

The Agreement will have a specific time in which you have to provide “vacant possession”. This is the time in which you will have to leave your home clean, empty, and unoccupied on the closing date and the Buyers will complete a final walk through of the property. Typically, the key transfer occurs through your realtor and you will leave spare keys in a drawer where they will be easy to find, but not out in the open. The Buyers will not use any keys until the transaction is closed.

Once all parties are satisfied, the lawyers confirm the sale is closed. Your lawyer will work on getting the realtors paid and your funds into your account or available for pick up. Congratulations on selling your property!

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